Just in Time/On Demand

Turn your fashion design into a money maker!

Why pay for inventory that might not sell, storage, shipping and all those other fees associated with a minimal order production run?

We offer Domestic based “Just in Time” (AKA, on demand) handmade* manufacturing and drop shipping. Simply put, after the initial setup and test run, we accurately produce and ship your apparel or textile products to you. Our minimal order begins at only 25 pieces, this means you know exactly what the production costs are, what it looks and feels like before you sell it. 

Our shop is located Domestically in beautiful Bradenton, Florida where we can produce most of your fashion products within 30 business days in most cases. Please note that lead time may be effected by total quantities ordered, force majeure and complexity of design. We have an extremely talented team that only produces high quality apparel items. We are known locally for producing high end products with extreme attention to detail. This allows us to control every single step of the manufacturing process thereby guaranteeing that your products will be produced within the standards of sample provided. 

With nearly 30 years of experience, we can easily handle all of the logistics involved in manufacturing and producing your apparel products.

*Handmade – Using manual and or semi-automatic hand operated machines which shall cause slight variations in production.